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Headline: 心靜‧就在這一度 Silence of YORK Moment

Sub-headline: 冷暖恆溫 留住最舒適溫度 Keep A Cozy Temperature at All Times

Body Copy:
How to set the most comfortable temperature?
YORK International makes full use of VSD technology, allowing steady temperature and maximizing efficiency all the times. Enjoy the best comfort and green living now with YORK International.

冷暖合一 悠然自得


Perfect Temperature Adjustment

The brand new VSD series air-conditioners enable warming and cooling of room temperature, eliminating the need for placing fans and heaters at home while providing a comfortable environment all the times.

Turbo功能 快速調溫

Adjusting Temperature Effectively with Turbo
With the Turbo feature, you can adjust room temperature in the shortest possible time. At the onset, the Turbo runs the fan to high speed and adjust coolness to attain comfort for you quickly.

快速製暖 保持濕度

Warming and Moisturizing Feature
Reverse cycle air-conditioner allows better warming and moisturizing in the room than heater and traditional space heater.

Follow Me追蹤模式 均勻送風
遙控器內置獨特追蹤功能,當「Follow Me追蹤模式」開啟時,可量度遙控器附近溫度,從而更精確調節設定的溫度。出色的恆溫功能令送風範圍更廣、更均勻,保持室內溫度一致,冷氣或熱力不會只集中在機身四周。即使遠離風口位置,亦同樣感覺舒適。

Effective Cooling with Follow Me Mode
“Follow Me” is a unique built-in feature in the remote controller. When activated, the indoor unit will sense the setting temperature according to where the remote controller is placed, resulting in a more precise and comfortable cooling.

睡眠模式 安睡舒適

Comfortable Sleep Mode
The Sleep Mode feature increases the room temperature setting automatically by 1?C after the first and second hour, maintaining a steady set temperature for remaining hours before switching off, providing you with a comfortable sleep while ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

避免潛在風險 安全方便

Minimizing Potential Risk
Reverse cycle air-conditioner avoids potential risks of heaters or space heater, for example, over-heating or stumbling by cables etc. It can be installed in windows or walls which is safe and convenient.

窗口式分體冷氣機 寧靜慳位易安裝

User-friendly Window Split Type Air-Conditioner
Window split type air-conditioner is as big as normal window air-conditioners which can be installed in windows easily, bringing you a calm and quiet environment.